Existing Subscriber Frequently Asked Questions – March 1, 2013

Q. What’s changing?

Effective with the Spring 2013 issue of I Carry The Bag we are discontinuing the printed version of the magazine.

At the same time we have built two brand new apps for both Apple and Android products that are available for download right now.

You may find the links to both apps in the header above and through the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Q. Do I need to be connected to the internet to access the magazine from the apps?


You may download any issue we have published and enjoy reading it at any time – no connection needed after download.

Q. Do I need special credentials to access the apps?


If you are already registered at the I Carry The Bag website you will simply use the credentials you created for the website to access the apps.

If you need to get registered, use the exclusive subscriber link we sent you via email to set up your own user name and password that will work for both Online access and App access.

Don’t have that email? No problem. Send a message to Subscription Manager Wendy at wendy@shorespeak.com

Q. Why the change?

In a word? Economics. The demands of making a profit with a print edition are not sustainable.

That, combined with the broad acceptance of tablet technology, as compared to when we launched, make this the right time to make the change.

Q. When does the change take place?

Beginning with your Spring 2013 issue I Carry The Bag will be available online and through the apps.

Q. Will I Carry The Bag be sent to me in its printed format?

While it will not be sent in printed format, you may now print any article, or the entire magazine, from your local printer.

Q. Will I be able to print I Carry The Bag from my computer

Yes. Every issue’s articles and every complete issue can now be printed from the Online version of the publication while viewed on a laptop or desktop.

Printing directly from tablet devices is not supported at this time.

Q. Can I access back issues?


The entire archive of all back issues is available for each subscriber to enjoy both online and in the apps.

If you wish to purchase full color printed back issues they may be found here.

Q. How do I get the new Apple and Android apps?

The app links are in the header at the top of this website. You may also get them through your smart phone or tablet from Apple or Google app stores.

Q. How do I know when a new issue comes out?

Like a fine Swiss watch, we promptly release new issues during the first week of the calendar quarter.

Look for new issues the first week of January, April, July and October.

Q. It looks like the cost for new subscribers has gone down. I’m an existing subscriber – how do I get the lower price?

At your next renewal we have a process to accommodate our loyal subscribers to do just that.

Contact our Subscription Manager Wendy at wendy@shorespeak.com

Did we miss something that’s on your mind?

Please email us at icarrythebag@gmail.com